Using FRED2_Open To Make Missions For Diaspora

Welcome to FRED2_Open. FRED2_Open (normally referred to simply as FRED) is the mission creation software used to make missions for Diaspora. This guide will talk you through the basics of mission and campaign creation.

FRED originally started out as a mission designer for Freespace, a space combat simulation by Volition. The name actually stands for FReespace EDitor. When the source code for the second game in the series was released it was worked on by several coders to give us FS2_Open (the engine Diaspora runs on) and FRED2_Open. FRED is constantly updated by the SCP team so it's worth bearing in mind that this documentation was prepared while the team were working on the first Diaspora release and some of the pictures may be out of date by the time you are reading this. In general though, the coders rarely remove features, so the button or text box you are looking for is almost certainly still there, it may have just moved a little from when the picture was taken.

The help is divided into the following files:

If you've used FRED before (even slightly) you can probably skip the first walkthrough and go straight to the extended walkthrough. Experienced FREDders will probably find the mission checklist useful as although it includes many of the pitfalls they already know about, it also includes some Diaspora specific ones that they may not have encountered making their own missions.

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